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New Adventures

I recently handed in my notice at my current place of work and I don’t plan on immediately looking for a full time role anywhere else!

The plan is that my wife will do a PGCE (teacher training) in secondary mathematics at the local university, and I will stay at home and look after the kids and support her. I am both excited and terrified by this prospect. I’m very much looking forward to having more time to spend with the family and on my own work. But after 6 years having a 9-5 job writing code in C and Objective C this feels like a massive change.

I’m not planning on giving up the programming work. Hopefully I will have more time to spend writing code and learning things that I’m interested in. This may well mean that I’m able to post on this blog more often.

Whilst I’m not going to be actively looking for work during this time, if there are any freelance (or even permanent) remote jobs I may well look into these iff I am interested in them.

I’m hoping the new situation will leave me feeling more in control of my own life and am looking forward to having more time to spend on the things I love.